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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

New responses to old triggers.  Now that is freedom.

Hello, thanks for visiting the Mindspan blog site,  Surface Tension.

There is a point in a conflict management process where, surprisingly often, one or more person may say, "I really wish we'd had this conversation years ago.  I think everything would be entirely different today had we had this conversation a long way back".   And once people have had a clarifying or conflict resolving conversation, another common comment is, "Actually, that wasn't too bad at all.  I think it was worse thinking about having the conversation, than actually having it."

And, having heard people say that for years, I am now focusing on helping people find ways to have those crucial conversations when they first notice the tension, rather than waiting, sometimes for years - and often in crisis, to take some action.

This fortnightly blog will be dedicated to sharing information and practical strategies that may help people to develop insights into their own and others thinking and behavioural patterns.  We'll explore options for responding in new ways to old triggers and share ideas about managing emotions effectively.

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