Conflict management coaching

We specialise in helping you to understand more about your own and others' approach to conflict. Whether it's in relation to a specific conflict, or to your typical approaches to general conflict, we'll help you work out why you respond in particular ways to particular triggers and work with you to explore resourceful and constructive ways to manage conflict and situations requiring 'difficult' conversations.

Separation - perspective and strategies

So, life has not turned out as you hoped or imagined it. We'll help you to really look at the life you want for your children and yourself, and make sure that from here on, your decisions and choices fit with your values and your highest aspirations. Take the opportunity: define, articulate and plan what you want for yourself and your children, and work out a strategy to bring that about.

We specialise in child-focused, post-separation parenting planning (as well as planning for separated parents to meet their own potential). At its best, this works incredibly well for children and their parents.

Alison Manning is a nationally accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Australian Attorney General's Department).

Whatever the weather - wellbeing in tough times

This program was designed with rural people in mind, but the principles and practices work well in any setting for individuals, families and workplace teams, whatever their life circumstances.

In this program you'll work out how to develop resourceful, effective ways to maintain emotional equilibrium and wellbeing when your external world is in turmoil or crisis. You'll get practical and effective skills that will help with your own mindset. If you need it, we'll help you work out ways to manage conflict and tension in your life and how to make decisions that work for you. 

Words that Change Lives - conversations you need to have (or stop having!)

We all have one - a conversation that we know is important, yet for some reason we avoid it.  Perhaps we lack the courage, perhaps we fear the consequences, perhaps we think it is not our place. We feel the weight of the unspoken words.  They can wake us at night.  They can limit our relationships.  Our opportunities.

Perhaps it is a conversation with ourselves that we need.  A conversation to address fears, address self criticism, address a poor relationship.  To address patterns of thinking and behaving.

Many times what's needed is to stop a particular conversation.  To stop a conversation that repeatedly produces results we don't want.  But we don't know how.  As our conversation continues to yield poor results, we might even become more insistent.

We may simply not be aware of the way others experience our conversations, our words, our tone of voice.

Conversations change lives.  If it's a conversation you need to start - we'll help you work out what you want to say and how to say it.  If a conversation you're having that's creating problems, we'll help you explore some different approaches.

Creative coaching - Wordflow for writers.  Visit www.amindofonesown.com for specialist writer services

Writers tell us that sometimes even one session creates possibility from procrastination, and a shift from the self-doubt and fear that often impedes creative work.

Freedom from overwhelm, chaos and fragmentation

We have brought a new term to this state of overwhelm: FRAGMENTIA!

We define Fragmentia as the sense of pressure, stress and sometimes despair that comes from having too much going on; a sense of being torn in too many directions.  

Fragmentia symptoms: High levels of and/or frequent stress, a sense of having no time, exhaustion, despair, a sense that life is just an endless list of tasks, deadlines and demands.   

What we offer you, in a word, is FREEDOM. Freedom from rushing, from not finishing things properly, from dissatisfying, fragmented relationships. Freedom to connect with your own most important needs and capacities, freedom to experience that most beautiful of states, FLOW (when you are deeply engaged in a task or activity, unaware of time passing, unaware of other demands on your time).

Create calm space, and regain (or develop) the sense that your life is your own.

Contact us now and we'll talk about where to start.

Run your own brain - manage your emotions

Our coaches have a passion for understanding the way that brain function, beliefs and habits affect thinking and behaviour.

We'll help you to understand your own brain and to develop practical, effective and often surprisingly easy-to-use tools to manage the way you respond to situations that seem to bring out your worst!

Time for a change

This is for you if you are looking to shift patterns in your own thoughts and behaviour, or to change how you respond to others' patterns of communication or behaviour.

Change coaching is for when you know there are healthier, more constructive approaches around, but you don't yet have access to them.

Our aim with change coaching is help you to become aware of your deep-seated habits of mind and to understand how these are influencing your life. In a word, we aim to bring choice back to you. 

You will love the energy that comes from having freedom to choose how you want your life to be, and having the skills to make the shifts and stick with them.

Family business or family-farm future

If, like so many others, you are wondering how (or whether) to address the complex issues in dealing with the family business or family farm, you may wish to talk to us about options. 

We have chosen not to deal directly with succession planning for family businesses. We see our role as helping people work out if and how they would like to approach the complex factors involved in family businesses and/or farm futures. 

We believe there is a role for professionals who can help people in your situation work out what the issues are, and develop resourceful and sane approaches to these situations that so many others also find very stressful - or sometimes even impossible.

We offer you the chance to:

  • work out what is actually important to you (as opposed to what you have always thought was important);
  • examine the apparent obstacles to moving forward, and explore realistic achievable approaches to shift the situation;
  • understand the others' possible points of view;
  • explore the consequences of various outcomes (and your possible responses to those outcomes);
  • examine the cost of the various possible outcomes - including the (emotional and financial) costs of making no decisions;
  • explore the real extent of your knowledge - do you really know what other parties want (or even what you want)?
  • work out what your best- and worst-case scenarios are in relation to the business itself, and to all the various players and situations.

In all, this adds up to giving you the chance to explore your options and develop skills to deal with communication and/or your own emotional responses to these complex situations.

Personal development

This program can be conducted by telephone, face-to-face or online - or a combination of each.

We help you explore and identify your core values, obstacles to achievement, procrastination, frustration, rushing, fears, self-limiting beliefs and personal potential.

Once you understand your thinking and the psychological programs running your thoughts, we help you work out how to run your own life, in ways that feel right to you. 

Work with us to develop big-picture goals, and a step-by-step plan, with support and accountability built in, to get you living life as you really want it to be.

For many the focus is how they wish to respond to daily realities (such as how to respond differently to the challenges of being a parent, a partner, an employee, a manager, a sibling - how to respond differently to situations that "press your buttons"). 

There is no requirement that you have, or develop, a major goal to work on.

Mindspan's book-based coaching programs

We have permission from the authors of two high-quality, evidence-based books to run our coaching programs based on their books:

Eight Steps to Happiness - authors Dr Anthony Grant and Alison Leigh.

When you join us for this program, we provide you with a copy of the book, then work with you to integrate the practical, evidence-based practices and concepts into your daily life - and support you to stick to those new practices, rather than have them fade out after the first flush of enthusiasm.

The book was developed to help people move out of depression and dissatisfaction with life, into sustainable, 'authentic' happiness (as opposed to hyped and unsustainable short-term feel-good programs). It is based on the principles of positive psychology and incorporates powerful goal-setting techniques, mindfulness practice, physical exercise and many more achievable actions that are easy to take and very beneficial to stick with.

Fast Living, Slow Ageing - authors Kate Marie and Christopher Thomas

This is a wonderfully written, non-preachy, meticulously researched and extremely readable book.

We'll provide you with a copy of the book, then work with you as you integrate what feels right from the book into your daily life. This is very helpful if you would like a sustainable, long-term approach to good health. The book and our program provide well-researched information about many aspects of food, nutrition and diet, sleep, exercise, drugs and alcohol, hormones, body function, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and explain how all these factors interact to produce particular outcomes for your health and life expectancy.

As well as the benefit of the information in the book, Mindspan coaches share with you our expertise in emotional and behavioural change, to help you make and stick with positive changes in your life.


We won't pressure you to sign up for any program. It makes sense for you to check it out first and find out whether it seems right for you. 

You're always welcome to a conversation with us before making any decisions.

We offer a free conversation so that you get to experience our approach.  


*  In coming months, Mindspan will be offering group coaching for each of these categories, so if you'd like us to let you know when the the group coaching will start, contact us and we'll send you information about the groups.

Mindspan feedback indicates that our approach proves very effective for clients, yielding:

sense of possibility
increased capacity
stress reduction
increased optimism
opportunities for exploring potential and achieving goals