conflict management

After many years of working with people in conflict, Mindspan's mediator, Alison Manning has developed flexible and effective approaches to conflict.

Whereas some conflict resolution models tend to impose one-size-fits-all techniques, Alison approaches each conflict as unique, working with the individuals involved to understand the dynamics particular to each situation.

 Alison uses her coaching and other communication skills, plus her training in psychology to help people get to the heart of the matter, often helping clients understand the matters underlying their conflict for the very first time.

 Alison values relationships, rather than a resolution-at-all-costs approach, particularly where family members and colleagues are in conflict.

While resolution is the most common outcome of the mediations, clients say the real benefits of working with Alison come mainly from improved understanding of their own and others' values, beliefs, expectations, assumptions, fears and hopes.

Alison's experience demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach, with around 90% of her mediations ending in negotiated agreement.

That said, her focus is on agreements that last, rather than just getting ink on the page.

With Alison's clients, she works hard to co-create agreements that will continue to meet the clients' needs long after the agreement has been signed.

Alison believes it is relatively easy to make an agreement that works in the short term. She places emphasis on clients building agreements that last for the long term.

mindspan offers these forms of conflict management

conflict coaching

A very effective process for coming to understand your conflict in new ways - working out what you need to happen and approaches to take to reduce the conflict and find ways to move forward.

family mediation

For separating or separated couples seeking to negotiate child-focused agreements about parenting or property matters.

workplace mediation

For organisations and individuals affected by workplace tension and conflict.  

conflict management coaching

This is a wonderfully effective way to understand and manage conflict. Working individually with your conflict management coach, you'll get the chance to understand your own and others' responses to conflict, and will have the chance to explore ways to manage conflict in your life - whether it's a specific conflict or your approach to conflict in general.

farm debt mediation

For farmers and financial institutions seeking to negotiate financial agreements.

aged care mediation

For residents of aged care facilities and their families experiencing difficulties related to residency in the facility.

health care mediation

For individuals and families who have experienced difficulties within a health system.

tenancy mediation

For tenants or landlords experiencing conflict related to a tenancy agreement.