Alison Manning

Alison has a somewhat eclectic mix of skills and interests relating emotional and psychological wellbeing. Alison has tertiary qualifications in communication and psychology, and professional qualifications in counselling, mediation and coaching.

As Alison's experience grew she began to notice that mediation clients would often make the comment, "I wish we'd had this conversation much sooner". This recognition that clients found great value in clarifying the issues, feeling heard (perhaps for the first time) and working out ways to manage their conflict differently led Alison to shift the focus in her practice. These days, whilst still conducting mediation when necessary Alison loves working with clients well before a conflict has erupted into a dispute - helping them to understand what may be going on underneath their conflict and working out practical ways to address the issues respectfully and thoroughly, to prevent the conflict from escalating. For Alison, there is no greater satisfaction than witnessing a client's relief when a conflict that they had assumed to be insurmountable is sorted, sometimes in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Other work

Each year, in addition to her client work through Mindspan, Alison acts as Lead Coach for Australia's largest mediation training organisation, LEADR, during their mediation training courses.

Alison also runs a specialist practice for writers: A Mind of One's Own

Alison Manning.